UNS 4590

Notch Saw


This automatic notch saw shapes the end of window jambs, heads, or sills to accept the mating section. This machine can also be utilized to notch ends of various other profiles. The design allows adaption for cutting an included angle of 135°.



  • Two 2 HP, 3 phase, 220V motors
  • Heavy-duty saw motor housing with extra retraction air cushion
  • Precision saw movement via twin profile rail and runnerblock bearing system
  • Air-over-oil adjustable saw feed system
  • Air filter/regulator with O.S.H.A. lockout
  • Foot pedal cycle activation
  • Emergency stop button
  • Operator safety guarding
  • Extended material support arms
  • Pneumatic lineal clamping system
  • Enclosed sheet metal cabinet with scrap bin
  • Notch angle set to 135°
  • PLC Controlled I/O



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