SV 744

2-Head CNC Flexible Sash Cleaner

The SV 744 is a 2 head, high speed Multi-Axis Sash Cleaner ideally suited for Hung, Slider & Casement profiles.


Windows based CNC control With flexible tooling options from 4 to 11 servo axes. Very fast and consistent self centring tools. Due to a perfect tool setup, manual touch up is minimized. New self-centering cutting heads shift to the profile centerline resulting in a Perfect Clean.



  • Extensive range of cleaning and processing options
  • Fast cycle times achieved by simultaneous cleaning of interior and exterior contours
  • Windows Industrial Touch PC – fully programmable – USB, Network & Online support per TeamViewer
  • User-friendly interface with menu-driven maintenance and self diagnostic functions
  • Automatic profile identification or Barcode to eliminate set-up and promote fast and safe operation
  • Moveable head options include; Manual positioning or servo axis driven
  • Capable of single-head-machining


Tool Options on each Cleaning Head include:

  • Upper & lower horizontal surface knives
  • Upper & lower vertical inside surface knives
  • Disk cutter
  • Upper & lower vertical router/spot drills
  • Tilt latch routers (1,0 kW, 1.4 HP) by servo axis motion
  • Pivot bar drill/routing – fully programmable by servo axis motion
  • Glazing leg knife
  • Night latch routing
  • Reinforcement recognition
  • Dust collection system



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