DKS 380

Double Miter V-Notch Saw



  • Contains horizontal and vertical clamps
  • Two-hand start buttons to control the cutting cycle
  • Electrical control box in the front
  • Table and fence are nickel-plated to prevent profile marking
  • Filter, regulator, lubricator air unit
  • Contains separate clamping switch that engages the clamps
  • Machine has two standard dust collection ports that are 100mm (4″) diameter each
  • Contains 1.5 kW / 2 HP motors
  • Machine is 220 Volts / 3 HP, transformer required for other voltages
  • Included sawblades are 380mm (15″)
  • Saw comes with simple infeed and outfeed supports 1m (39.37″) per side
  • Machine contains full guarding on top around the pivoting heads and has guarding around the base to protect from cylinder movement



  • Complete operator’s manual with spare parts breakdown
  • Complete electrical and pneumatic manual
  • Machine tool kit



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