AKS 1300

4-Point Sash Welding Machine

Made for vinyl window sash profiles. Standard parallel thrust welding yields strongest corners and fastest cycle times.


AKS 1300 welders are modular units but can be connected inline with any Urban single head or feed through CNC corner cleaner if ordered with the optional auto unloading conveyors.

Independent clamping feature for double stack welding reduces tolerance accumulation in dissimilar profiles often used in sash production.


  • Ability to double-double stack for maximum production rates or welding flexibility
  • 3-axis resolver driven motion for fast, reliable and accurate sizing
  • Ability to weld unequal or equal offset sash systems
  • Ease of maintenance features include accessable and numbered components, real time temperature monitoring, maintenance menu with full diagnostics, and quick-change weld fixtures
  • Network-ready industrial computer control


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