DGU 500

Double Miter Saw


Double mitre saw with saw blade Ø 500 mm

  • Semiautomatic operation
  • Right head is manually adjustable
  • Both heads can manually get adjusted by 45° to the outside and 30° to the inside.
  • Two-hand operation
  • Low voltage controller
  • In addition to that the saws are equipped with a support for long work pieces
  • An up to 6 m long version is available upon request
  • Digital measuring displays (standard)
  • The saw is equipped with two vertical and two horizontal clamps


Work place related emission values L pA = 90,4 dB (A)

Measuring safety constant K = 4 dB (A)


Sonic performance level L WA = 101,9 dB (A)

Measuring safety constant K = 4 dB (A)



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