AKS 1900 H

Horizontal 4-Point Vinyl Welding Machine

Economic welder for vinyl window frame or sash profiles. Standard parallel welding.


Weld seam limitation to 2.0 mm / 0.078“. Optional 0.2 mm / 0.00078″ tight pinch possible with special features. Ease of maintenance features include; accessible and numbered components, real time temperature monitoring, maintenance menu with full self-diagnostics.


  • Available in left-hand fixed or right-hand fixed configurations for flexible line layout
  • Flexible fixture configurations include standard quick-change system, optional clamping tower assembly
  • Welding heads driven on strong linear ball rail system
  • Heads closest to the operator are fixed and insertion on heads furthest from the operator can be changed based on frame height for ergonomic loading and unloading
  • Tool-less quick change fixture and Teflon systems (fixtures quoted separately)
  • 15” Touch screen industrial PC with Windows XP user interface
  • Data input via manual keypad entry or download USB stick or network connection
  • Bar code reading available on request


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