AKS 8400 NA

Vertical 4-Point Vinyl Welding Machine

Made for vinyl window frame or sash profiles. Standard parallel thrust welding yields strongest corners and fastest cycle times.


Ease of maintenance features include; accessible and numbered components, real time temperature monitoring, maintenance menu with full self-diagnostics, toolless quick change weld fixtures and Teflon systems.

Ergonomic loading and unloading via bottom stationary heads. Ease of loading due to software controlled comfortable top insertion height based on frame height


  • Precision servo motor drive and control maximize positioning speed and accuracy
  • Integrated notch weld assembly
  • Anti-fatigue heat plate assembly eliminating heat plate warping
  • Control automatically adjusts welding parameters by profile thus eliminating change over time
  • Industrial computer with a Windows-based operating system including a 15.4″ touch screen colour monitor along with a USB connection at the front of the panel for data transfer

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